Prescription Glasses

Choosing a pair of prescription glasses can be a big decision — it’s not only about how well you can see with the eyewear, but also how you look and feel in them. There are hundreds of different styles, shapes, and colors, each with their own benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs. Our eye doctors will help you make the best decision possible so that you can feel 100 percent confident walking out of our office.

Prescription Contacts

Even though you don’t need to select a particular style as you would with glasses, the fit and comfort of your new contacts are paramount. At your appointment, you will be fitted for contacts that are made specifically for your eye shape and vision needs. If you have never worn contacts before, our staff will give you some tips on how to put them in, take them out, and we’ll provide you with some information on how to take care of them.

When you work with Dr. Sina J. Sabet and his team, you can look forward to receiving personalized service from start to finish. Our eye doctors are passionate about providing care that goes above and beyond. Your eyes are what you see the world around you with and should be treated with the highest quality of care. If you have any questions about your glasses or contacts prescription, please reach out to us today!