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Eye Care Services from Our Ophthalmologist in Alexandria

Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Sina J. Sabet, brings years of experience to the practice and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art services. Our goal is to help patients maintain good ocular health by analyzing the current condition of their eyes and testing their vision with the latest technology. We understand that as humans, we take our sight for granted. However, protecting the eyes is a valuable investment that helps you live the best life possible as you age. For more information about the services we are happy to provide to the residents of Alexandria and surrounding areas, contact us today.

Eye Exams

During your routine eye exam, you can expect the following:

  • A review of your eye history
  • Standard eye and vision testing
  • Assessments of focus and movement
  • A full evaluation of your eye health

Our eye doctor recommends a routine eye exam once or twice a year, depending on certain factors, such as age or known risk. If any additional testing is required, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Emergency Eye Care

We understand that an eye emergency can happen at any given time. From eye infections and foreign materials in the eye to sudden vision loss and scratched eyes, it is imperative to get treatment right away to prevent additional damage to the eye or vision. If you do experience an eye emergency, call our office immediately. Our ophthalmologist will address the matter promptly.

Eye Surgery

Despite continual eye care treatments, patients may need to eye surgery to correct the problem. For example, glaucoma is an eye disease that can potentially lead to blindness for many people. The cause of this problem is due to optic nerve damage. As the abnormal pressure in the eye increases, people with glaucoma can experience eye pain, blurry vision, and chronic headaches. Without treatment, their quality of life is lowered. Since this condition deteriorates the optic nerve, eye surgery is the only option.

Before the eye surgery takes place, we will perform an eye exam and other testing to see if you are healthy enough to recover from the surgery.

Rely on Our Expert Ophthalmologist in Alexandria For All Eye Care

If you're ready to improve your vision and see the world from a new perspective, call Sina J. Sabet, MD, PC in Alexandria at (703) 370-9411 to schedule an appointment.

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