In the United States, there are about 30 million people who wear contact lenses. Of these millions, roughly two-thirds of the population are women. Though glasses have been a beloved tool for improving eyesight, the invention of contact lenses have made vision easier and less of a hassle. Glasses in some cases can be a useful accessory to tie together an outfit or add a pop of color to your ensemble, however, they are often distracting and require a lot of maintenance.

Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses

Glasses, especially big glasses, often shrink your face and create blind spots in your vision. Not to mention, glasses can be irritating when trying to be active or mobile in any way. For example, if you are an athlete or like to play sports, it is often not a good idea to wear your glasses. That’s primarily because glasses are prone to breaking and are expensive to replace. Since playing blind is not an option, luckily contact lenses are perfect for an active lifestyle.

Contacts are easily insertable, portable, and practically invisible. Contact lenses are compatible with your glasses prescription and are never at risk of smudging. Most of the inconvenience of glasses is having to constantly clean off the lenses. Make-up, dirt, and your skin’s natural oils build up, causing smudges in the corners of your lenses. This can be distracting and gives off the feeling of poor eyesight. With contact lenses, you never have to worry about smudging or your vision fogging up in cold or hot temperatures. All you have to do is insert them once in the morning and take them out at night.

Though there are a lot of positive aspects associated with contact lenses, if you do not care for them correctly, there could be consequences. These are some good, bad, and ugly habits associated with contact lenses.

Visit Your Local Eye Doctor

Dr. Sina J. Sabet and his team of eye doctors are passionate about helping patients get the best eye care available. If you are being fitted for contact lenses, we’ll go over good and bad habits before you leave our office to ensure that you fully understand what it takes to keep them clean and your eyes safe. If you have any questions about how to put the contacts in, how to store them, or how long you should keep them in, don’t hesitate to contact our optometrist office in Alexandria.

Good Contact Lens Habits

Wash Your Hands

The most important good habit concerning contact lenses is keeping them clean. By this we mean, not just keeping them clean in their case, but keeping them clean when inserting. The worst thing you can do is try to put in your contact lenses with dirty fingers. A good habit before putting in your contacts is by washing your hands, even if you just woke up in the morning.

Insert Them After Your Wash Your Face

It is important when inserting the contact lenses that you do so after you have washed your face in the morning. If you wash your face with your contacts in, there is a possibility that you will mix your facial soap in with your contacts. If this happens, you will have to wash out your contacts multiple times before the soap is completely washed out. Of course, by “washing out” we mean that you need to rinse your contact lenses with your eye solution, not water. Water naturally breaks down and weakens contact lenses.

Insert Them Before You Do Your Makeup

You will want to put in your contact lenses before you do your makeup. The reason for this mostly is so you don’t accidentally contaminate your contact lenses. Though in most cases it is good to have great coverage with your foundation, once it is on your fingers, it is very difficult to get the residue off. Because of this, without intending to, you can get the foundation in your eyes, which can lead to severe irritation and in extreme cases, infection. If you are ever in need of an emergency eye doctor, Dr. Sina offers fast and exceptional care.

Take Them Out Before You Shower

It is important that before entering your shower, you take out your contact lenses. Water, if it enters your eyes while the contacts are in, can mix with dirt and sit within your eyes. This can lead to infection and general irritation. As a result, your eyes will feel heavy and visually appear redder. In order to help their appearance you can use eye drops, however, it is better to end the cycle before it begins; don’t take your contacts with you into the shower.

Ophthalmologist AlexandriaKeep Eye Drops With You

It is important to keep hydrating eye drops with you at all times. Sometimes, contacts dry out due to the environment or the number of hours they are worn. This dryness can lead to the contacts becoming irritated and slipping out of your eye. If you have eye drops always with you, you will always be able to fix any discomfort you have with your contacts, without having to remove them and put on your glasses.

Have Your Glasses On-Hand

Although you shouldn’t have any problem with your contacts during the day, it is always a good idea to have your glasses on-hand just in case. You may never know when your contacts dry out or if you eventually are tired of feeling the lens in your eye. Glasses are always a good backup for eyewear because they are dependable and won’t become irritated over long hours of use.

Though it may seem as though there are a lot of steps to ensure the care of your contacts, their upkeep is pretty simple.

  • Keep them clean
  • Wash your face first
  • Put on makeup after they are in
  • Keep eye drops on you
  • Have glasses as a backup

It’s also important to understand bad content lens habits as well! Read that blog here to learn more.

If you are interested in getting a pair of contacts or being fitted with contact lenses, contact the ophthalmologist Sina J. Sabet today! Our team of eye doctors can ensure you and your eyes are as healthy as possible.