Welcome back! In this sequence of blogs, we have discussed the good and bad habits of contact lenses. We have discussed the proper ways to store and clean your contacts, and how, by taking care of your contacts, you will save yourself money, time, and eye problems later on. In our second blog, we discussed some more good habits and touched upon a few bad ones. In this third and final blog of the series, we will discuss the bad and truly ugly habits of contact lenses. If you are at all guilty of the following — stop! You have no idea how your actions deteriorate your eyesight and the integrity of your contact lenses! Don’t believe us? Well, every time you go to an eye exam, you will notice the quality of your eyesight diminish. Though some could argue that your eyes deteriorating is due to your age, they are only partially correct. Your age has a huge influence; however, your eye care directly affects the quality of your eyesight.

Dr. Sina J. Sabet and his team of eye doctors are passionate about educating patients on healthy eye habits and understanding what the bad habits are in order to avoid them. You may not think that leaving your contacts in for weeks at a time is a bad thing, but it can lead to some potentially serious issues. If it has been a year or two since your last checkup with an eye doctor, schedule an appointment today!

Bad Lens Habits

When you get your first exam at an eye clinic, you may have been given the option of glasses or contact lenses. Glasses are always a go-to choice to wear, as they are dependable. However, contact lenses have been known to be a little more convenient to the wearer. For example, they are practically invisible and are an exact match to your prescription. Though contact lenses are extremely beneficial in many ways, they also require maintenance and specialized care. If you do not keep up with your contact lenses and eye care, you won’t be able to use your contacts.

In our previous blog we discussed that it is a very bad habit to sleep in your contacts and rub out your contacts. We will continue this list of bad habits with the following.

Rubbing Your Eyes

As discussed, rubbing out your contacts in order to remove them, is a very bad habit. When you rub your eyes, it is bad for the health of your eyes. Much like the reason not to rub out your contact, rubbing your eye at any time of the day is bad for your eyes. During the day, your eyes can come into contact with small particles in the air. These particles are so small. in fact, they don’t cause your eye any irritation. However, when you rub your eyes, you are essentially scraping that dust and residue on your eye. Even with your contacts as a protectant, the damage can sometimes be severe, especially if you scratch any part of your cornea.

Airing Out Your Contacts

Part of the downfall of contacts is that they won’t allow you to do certain things. For example, they don’t react well when they come into contact with a sudden rush of air. For example, if you open your car window and get a gush full of air, you might have to immediately take out some cleansing drops. Contacts, when they are dry, can be very uncomfortable and run the risk of falling out. That is why is it always a good idea to keep a bottle of eye solution with you at all times.

Letting Your Contacts Dry Out

Letting your contacts dry out is never a good thing. A terrible habit to get into is not putting your contacts back in their case or not putting enough water in the case. Also, you need to make sure that you close the lid of your contact lens case tightly shut. If you leave your contact container out and uncovered, it will dry up. The problem with contacts is they are likely to dry out, and if they do, they are practically unusable. When they dry out, they often will lose their shape and will not be able to form to the shape of your cornea. Without being able to fit comfortably to the cornea, you will not be able to see out of the contacts any longer.

Not Washing Out Your Contacts

If you wear makeup, you need to be extra careful with your contact lenses. When you wear makeup, such as mascara, fragments of the material can mix with your contacts as you are taking them out of your eyes. Because of this, you want to be very vigilant about washing out your case and your contact every night. Though it may seem as though you are using a lot of eye solution in this process, you will be glad you did. If there is any residue on the case or the contact upon insertion, your eyes with become irritated and show off an angry, bloodshot-look. Obviously, this look is pretty harsh to look at, so any maintenance will make your life a lot easier.

When you get contact lenses, your eye doctor will go over proper eye care skills and tricks. When you get your contacts, however, much of the lessons you have read about can come with trial and error. Although we can all agree, if you have prior knowledge, it can help you to avoid mishaps in the future.

We hope this blog series has been helpful and gives you a better understanding of eye care. With the lessons you have learned, we hope you know the appropriate and inappropriate ways to care for your eyes and your contacts. If you are ever looking for an eye doctor or an optometrist in the Alexandria, Virginia area, contact Sina J. Sabet! 

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