Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams Provided by an Alexandria, VA Ophthalmologist 

Whether you have an eye problem or require a vision and eye exam, an ophthalmologist can help. During vision screenings, our ophthalmology specialist can determine the ideal prescription to optimize your vision. On the other hand, our eye exams can detect eye problems like glaucoma. At Sina J. Sabet MD, PC, our ophthalmologist encourages residents of Alexandria and the surrounding Virginia area to receive routine eye and vision exams to keep their eyes healthy for years to come. 


About Our Vision Exams

An eye exam consists of our ophthalmologist asking you to look into a lens and read a series of letters. Based on the line you see clearest; our ophthalmologist can determine your prescription for corrective eyewear. A test for astigmatism is also part of our eye exams. Our eye doctor tests you for astigmatism by asking you to look at two different images. You must identify the one that appears clearer to you.

About Our Eye Exams

Part of your eye care appointment may also consist of an eye exam. You'll have a slit lamp exam, which our eye doctor uses to determine your eyes' health. The device has a magnifier to give the eye doctor a view of the internal structure of your eye, such as your lens and cornea. Our eye doctor will apply eye drops to dilate your eye. Then, using a magnifying device, examining your retina and the rest of the back of your eye. This test is extremely important for our diabetic patients because high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the back of the eye contributing to a condition known as diabetic retinopathy.

Another portion of your eye exam is a test for glaucoma. When you have this test, our ophthalmologist uses a machine that blows air into your eye to assess the pressure within your eyes. Glaucoma is often associated with high eye pressure.

Importance of Routine Eye Care

It's important to visit an ophthalmology practitioner on a routine basis for an eye and vision exam. Patients who need corrective eyewear should visit once per year for their exams. Others without any eye problems may be able to visit less. However, some individuals may require more than one yearly exam, in particular, those with diabetes. At our office, we develop a schedule that fits your specific needs.

You should seek routine eye care because it's possible for underlying conditions to occur and cause damage or progress into a serious issue without you ever noticing. 

Schedule an appointment for an eye and vision exam by contacting Sina J. Sabet MD, PC, at 703-370-9411. 


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