Why is Patient-Centered Care Critical to Emergency Eye Care?

When you have an eye emergency there are so many things racing through your head — “Am I going to go blind? Will I lose an Eye? How will this impact my job?” Having an emergency eye doctor that is invested in you is the difference between good eye care and exemplary eye care, and that is exactly what Sina J. Sabet provides.

Patient-centered care disrupts the current healthcare model and couples physician dependant tools with a consultation where the physician is able to spend time with the patient and not rush through the intake, but really understand the situation and their health concerns.

The outcome is advantageous for both — better treatment and diagnosis with increased beneficial outcomes.

Quick and Efficient Eye Care

Eye trauma — especially when you get a large foreign object stuck or have a sudden loss of vision — requires an emergency visit to be timely and prompt for a successful outcome.

When you work with Sina J. Sabet, eye traumas are treated very seriously and are addressed in a timely fashion so patients can begin the recovery period more quickly. With us, you’ll have an eye doctor available as a first-response so you won’t have to spend more time, energy, and money at Urgent Care or the emergency room.

Eye emergencies are considered acute, or something that happens rapidly. For example, not wearing eye protection while cutting wood and getting sawdust in your eye. The symptoms of an eye emergency materialize suddenly and are often severe.

Research has found that eye emergencies that were seen and treated at an ER could have been treated by an emergency ophthalmologist. It wasn’t just treating issues such as pink eye, but included foreign body removal and serious eye allergies.

The truth of the matter is, just reach out to your local eye doctor and explain your situation, and more often than not, they’ll be able to see you for your emergency eye issue that day. This will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

Things To Avoid Before Seeing Sina J. Sabet

If you are awaiting an appointment while experiencing an eye care emergency, there are some things to avoid to help prevent further damage and they include:

  • Touching and rubbing the affected area
  • Trying to remove the foreign object
  • Using tweezers or cotton in the affected area
  • Having a friend trying to press on the area to see if there is pus
  • Always Seek Emergency Eye Care

If you’ve experienced an eye trauma or quick, acute symptoms you may need emergency eye care, and if you’re not sure, it’s always better to seek care they ignore symptoms. Sina J. Sabet is the only Alexandria eye doctor with patient-centered care and an office that tackles emergency eye care promptly and professionally.

Don’t delay your treatment and put your anxieties aside. Connect with our office for the best emergency eye doctor in Alexandria!