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Eye Irritation During Allergy Season

Eye Irritation During Allergy Season

Allergies can be difficult to manage. Red, itchy eyes make it hard to perform daily tasks. However, Sina J Sabet MD PC can help. Located in Alexandria, VA, our ophthalmologist can assist you with a multitude of eye issues. Whether you are looking for eye care or an eye exam, our professional ophthalmologist can create a treatment plan for you. If your allergies are causing eye irritation, come in to see Dr. Sabet right away.

How Allergies Can Affect Your Eyes

Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms, including sneezing and sniffling. However, many people don’t realize how they affect your eyes. Symptoms include redness, burning, watery and itchy eyes, and sometimes swollen eyelids. Eye allergies happen when your body is overreacting to something in your environment. The immune system creates antibodies that lead to the release of substances, such as histamines, from your eyes.

There are two types of eye allergies: perennial and seasonal. Perennial allergies can happen anytime during the year. Triggers include pet dander, feathers, dust mites, or other substances. However, seasonal allergies are more common during certain times of the year, typically starting in early spring. Seasonal allergies can last through summer and into fall. Common triggers include pollen and spores.

To minimize seasonal allergy symptoms, you should find and avoid your allergy triggers. You should stay inside when pollen counts are high. Also, close windows and make sure the air conditioner is running in order to avoid bringing spores and pollen into the house. Eyeglasses or large sunglasses can also be helpful in protecting your eyes from pollen.

Visit our Ophthalmologist Today

If you are experiencing eye irritation due to allergies, we can help. Dr. Sina J Sabet MD PC in Alexandria, VA offers a variety of eye care services, including vision exams, eye surgery, and eye treatment for allergies. Allergies can cause many different painful and irritating symptoms, so don’t wait to get help. Call us today to schedule your first appointment.

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