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Causes and Treatment for Pink Eye

Causes and Treatment for Pink Eye

Pink eye is an infection of the eye that’s marked by redness and swelling of the mucous membrane lining the eyelid and the surface of the eye. At our Alexandria office, ophthalmologist Dr. Sina J. Sabet delivers eye care to detect, diagnose, and treat this medical condition, which is also called conjunctivitis.

An Eye Exam Reveals Its Causes

Following an eye exam by our ophthalmology experts, you'll know whether you have the bacterial, viral, or allergic form of this condition. The bacterial variety presents as eye redness and a thick discharge that makes the eyes sticky. Watery, burning, red eyes, sometimes accompanied by a sore throat, cold, or flu, are signs of the viral form.

The allergic type, which may be caused by mites, pollen, animal dander, or cosmetics, is frequently diagnosed in people who have asthma or hay fever. Smoke, chemicals, or fumes entering the eye can also cause conjunctivitis.


Bacterial pink eye can be treated through eye drops or a topical ointment. If you have a weak immune system, a discharge of pus, or if our ophthalmologist suspects that a specific bacterium is causing your condition, you may be prescribed an antibiotic.

Antiviral medication may be the solution for the viral form of pink eye. The allergic variety may require an allergy medication, a topical antihistamine, or eye drops. As for irritants such as chemicals and smoke, immediate flushing of the eye with running water is a standard treatment. It's commonly followed by the administration of a topical ointment or artificial tears.

The bacterial and viral forms are contagious and usually spread by hand-to-eye contact. Practice good hygiene. Don’t share towels or makeup and wash your hands frequently.

Ophthalmologist in Alexandria 

If you are experiencing any kind of eye discomfort, Sina J. Sabet is ready to assist you. She will assess your condition, determine whether or not you are suffering from pink eye, and provide treatment accordingly. For more information on pink eye or to schedule an appointment, call us at (703) 370-9411.

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